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Model for implementing bilateral educational programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine In Russian federation
2018年10月12日 23:48   审核人:

In the Russian Federation, only some of the techniques (acupuncture, various types of acupressure, heating) of traditional Chinese medicine are used within the framework of the specialization Reflexotherapy. However, in order to cover a wider range of methods of Chinese traditional medicine, it is necessary to expand the residency program in the specialty "Reflexotherapy" and create a referral within this residency "Traditional Chinese Medicine".

Now, the scientific and practical center of traditional medical systems of the Sechenov University is working on the unification of educational programs on traditional Chinese medicine with the residency program on the specialty "Reflexotherapy". A joint program is being developed between the Sechenov University and Chinese universities, which will allow the resident to obtain the maximum amount of knowledge on Chinese traditional medicine as part of the "Reflexotherapy" residency program in the direction of "Chinese Traditional Medicine". Such specialists will be equated to the level of knowledge to specialists of traditional Chinese medicine who have received higher education in this field in China. The first program is a three-year residency program "Reflexotherapy" in the direction of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Such a program is intended for graduates of Russian medical universities. The first two years students are studying in Russia on the program of the specialty "Reflexotherapy" with the inclusion in the variable part of the TCM subjects, with the involvement of specialists from the Chinese University. It is also important to note that in the first two years students will undergo a two-week internship in China at the clinical base of the Partner University. After two years, the resident receives a certificate of a specialist in reflexology and leaves for a year in China to continue his studies. In China, he goes through a number of disciplines, which he did not manage to cover in the previous two years. At the end of the third year, the student receives a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Partner University. Thus, we receive specialists whose diplomas will be officially recognized, both in Russia and in China.

The second variant of the development of educational programs will also be organized on the basis of residency in the specialty "Reflexotherapy", it will last 4 years, and as a result the graduate will receive a Russian certificate of a reflexologist and a master's degree in Acupuncture and Massage of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Chinese partner University.

Such programs will expand the tools of a modern reflexotherapist, deepen the knowledge of the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, and in the future may lead to the recognition of the diplomas of the Chinese TCM Universities in Russia and the creation of a specialty TCM doctor.

In the future, it is planned to develop educational programs on traditional Chinese medicine, expand the range of specializations and involve regional medical universities in Russia and China in the education work.


Lim VG , Kopeliovich G.B, Sarattsev A.V., I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

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