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2018年10月12日 23:34   审核人:

There are much closed investigations between Russia and China based on more then 4of the centuries-old history. The special part is the development of the traditional methods of treatment. For example in our The Center of Development and Application Traditional Chinese Medicine in connection with the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry n.a. A.I.Evdokimov special education programmes are developed, which help for the doctors to be the specialists in TCM.

In spite of the active development of the modern methods of the diagnostics and the treatment the traditional medicine method are too actual for the people in all countries in the world. RussianFederationisnottheexception.

It is knownthatin 2003 theAssociation of the Russian and Chinese Universities has been founded. It has united the most number of the Universities in these countries. The one of the active member of its work is Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry n.a. A.I.Evdokimov (Russia, Moscow) (the UNIVERSITY). To begin with active development of dentist technologies today the UNIVERSITY deals withTraditional Chinese Medicine in special.

It is allowed to found the Center of Development and Application TCM with connection with Ministry of Health of China in 2014.

In 2015 the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry n.a. A.I.Evdokimov (Russia, Moscow) and the Center of Development and Application TCM have concluded the agreement about the cooperation in medicine, science and education. In 2016 these documents were the base for the partnership between Universities in Changun and Anchoe.

No doubt, it is impossible to develop the medicine methods of treatment and create the science with the special platform. That is why the head of the CENTER and the administrations of the Universities have decided to found the Academic Clinic of TCM (The CLINIC).

In spite of short-term period we have a lot of successful results. For example some thousands of patients with different diseases have been treated, active scientific investigation have been researched. It allows creating the complex method, which was patented in Russia.

The special term in our work is cooperation in the education of TCM. We stress that TCM for the doctor with serious deontological and statistical principals. At this moment there are no departments of TCM in Russia - that is why we have decided to found the Supplementary Additional Education and Professional Development gained at University.

So, we have based these directions- 1. Medicine students in common base 2. For the specialists in acupunctures and refleksotherapists,manual theraputists, osteopathic physician, rehabilitation physician; 3. For general specialities (physician, neurologist,traumatologist, general practitioners); 4. Forothers(gunecologist, toxicologist,surgeons,dentistsandets.).

For the medicine students in common base there is additional education in TCM with supplementary programmes(on request of the student), in scientific society. Besides some special programmes are founded (the basement and methods of TCM, phytotherapy) for the supplementary course.

After the education the certificate is assigned for the student.

For the certificated specialists we have created special individual programmes.

Besides this, in connection with Ministry of Health of China we have founded special programme helped the Russian specialist to be assigned in TCM in one of the University of China. ForthisaimthespecialistsoftheCENTER,theMoscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry n.a. A.I.Evdokimovand the Universities ofChangun and Anchonhave designed the programme based on the Russian programme for the medicine students in common base, the education materials have been translated, the questions of the practice of the best students in the Universities of the China have been discussed.

In the end of this education the special final exams with certificate of the University of China has to be.

It is stressed, that the interest for the TCM has been increased. This fact reveals in the populization TCM in the society of students. They attend scientific societies; learn Chinese language that shows important interest to the TCM and for its necessity of the development in Russia.


Yarygin N.V,The Association of the Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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