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Useful experience of classical prescription on four cases of mobile phone syndrome
2018年10月12日 23:25   审核人:

With the popularization of mobile phones, mobile phone syndrome is more and more common,this arouse the attention of the medical community. The occurrence of mobile phone syndrome is related to personal habits, psychological factor as well as the environment. There is clinically observed that mobile phone syndrome has the characteristics of progressive anddependence. The main symptoms are occipital neck pain, or neck soreness and discomfort, accompanied by stiff neck,andthree and a half fingeronradius side with stinging pain orburning pain,feeltheeyes very dry, blurred vision, Sometimes being fear of light, eyeball redness, dizziness and tinnitus, waist and knees being sour, eyelids feel heavy, feel foreign bodies in the eyes and etc.Besides, some patients are always sighing and becomes anxious, due to depression, or Qi and blood disorder. Their self-control becomes lower, involuntarily and consciously touch the pocket for searching their mobile phone, or take out the phone to see the message, fear of missing any message.The severity of the disease varies from person to person, varies due to illness, always occurs in young adults. The disease may be of deficiency or excess, but often deficiency-excess mixing. Because of different endowments of patients, physical strength, the symptoms are different, the etiology and pathogenesis are different, if we use Classical prescriptions with addition or subtraction for treatment, we must comply with the rules of etiology and pathogenesis, follow the principle of syndrome differentiation, familiar with the rules of drug compatibility Interaction and combination, combined with modern pharmacological research, make full use of the strengths of the drug, flexible apply according to the disease, the medical effect is satisfactory. However, the patients must work and rest in balance, properly rest and relax, in order to get the effective treatment.

WEN Gui- Rong,Rong Feng Tang Clinic of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong, China

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